Can Global Force Wrestling Beat TNA?

By Damian Seeto
Global Force Wrestling Logo
Image from GFW Wrestling Facebook Page

With Jeff Jarrett starting Global Force Wrestling, does TNA have any reason to worry about it?

TNA is suffering from hard times right now. In the last few years, they’ve lost a ton of talent. AJ Styles, Sting, Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin are notable talented wrestlers who TNA has let go. This is significant because these guys were TNA loyalists. They were in the company longer than most other people.

Not to mention, a lot of people are questioning the talent of Dixie Carter as a leader and promoter. Many blame her for the state TNA is in right now, and some say that she was the main reason all of the wrestlers left.

Jarrett left TNA last year and has already set up his own wrestling promotion called “Global Force Wrestling”. Jarrett plans to start the promotion later this year or early next year. He’s already on the hunt for talent worldwide and he’s confident that his promotion will succeed.

Jarrett could easily sign some ex-TNA stars like Styles, Daniels and Sabin. They could come in as the veterans and teach some of the younger wrestlers on the roster. Jarrett could also make GFW more popular by listening to the fans and making the product fit their preferences. This is something TNA hasn’t done in a long time and fans stopped watching because of it.

It might take a while, but it’s possible that GFW could become more popular than TNA. If Jarrett can sign the right talent and make the product exciting, wrestling fans might turn their backs on TNA altogether.

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