CM Punk Spotted in St. Louis, But Will Not Appear on Raw

CM Punk

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CM Punk has quickly become the Waldo of the wrestling world. Where is he? Where will he turn up next? When will he return to WWE?

Many fans thought they had a clue this past weekend when Punk was spotted in St. Louis. The city famous for its arch also happens to be the host city for Monday Night Raw this week. Coincidence? Yes.

Punk was merely attending the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues hockey game. This time of year he’s always attending playoff hockey games. If the Blackhawks weren’t in the STL, there wouldn’t even be any buzz.

Wrestling fans, specifically those that follow along on the internet, want Punk back badly. He is the voice of the voiceless and all that, but at this point he’s just another guy who’s taking a hiatus from the business.

The CM Punk chants are pathetic at this juncture. Clearly it’s his choice not to be there and yelling his name on live TV won’t get him back in the squared circle any sooner. If anything, fans should be mad at him for walking out, or at minimum, mad at the fact that he’s stayed silent.

If he’s just banged up and needs time off — tell the fans. But maybe the intrigue is what he’s going for? Punk walking out on WWE is a far more entertaining story than him taking time off to heal up.

Don’t expect the BITW back anytime soon. It seems that if he does return it will be for a Mania moment and maybe one more run. His days as a full-time superstar appear to be over.

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  • LikeaSomeboday

    All I got was this. “Im going to act like I am unbiased, but I will bash Punk and his fans anyway”. Terrible.

    • Farva55

      Awwwwww poor you. Well guess what- I agree with the author. Punk is acting like a….well…punk. Go cry about it elsewhere troll.

  • Anthony Speciale

    This jackass is an idiot! Guess what? Cm punk cm punk cm punk!

    • Farva55

      You do know its….fake right? Sounds like you’re the idiot to me-

  • Actrip

    Stopped watching wrestling when Cena came about with the “thugonomics” crap and was brought back because of CM Punk, haven’t watched wrestling since that Raw in Chicago. Without CM Punk the WWE is lame overall with people like Cena, Batista, and HHH (trying to stay relevant as a wrestler).

    I’m tired of the Bryan underdog angle already and he doesn’t have the mic skills to keep things interesting, at this point I just like Ziggler but he never gets the push he deserves. The Divas are boring to watch with the exception of AJ Lee, if Punk comes back with AJ’s return I will gladly start watching and subscribing to the WWE network. Until then I don’t buy anymore T-shirts (only buy CM Punk’s), not going to join the network no matter how many emails I get for free trials and continue on not watching wrestling anymore.

    • javier

      you´re awesome hahaha i am with u