Titus O'Neil Works Out With St. Louis Rams

By RantSports Staff
Titus O'Neil
Getty Images

WWE is in St. Louis for Monday Night Raw this week, so of course many superstars are out enjoying the city. One such superstar is Titus O’Neil, who decided to pay a visit to the St. Louis Rams on Monday morning.

Check out O’Neil with members of the Rams after a workout:

He tagged Eugene Sims and James Laurinaitis in the photo, but we’re unsure who the third player is.

Laurinaitis is of course the son of WWE hall-of-famer Animal (Legion of Doom). He’s also the nephew of former head of talent relations, John Laurinaitis (aka Johnny Ace).

Many have speculated that James might make a career move to WWE once his football days are over. He’s got the size and athletic ability, but you never know if a guy is truly cut out for the pro wrestling business until you hear him on the mic and see him in creative situations.

But if you had to bet on a guy coming from the NFL, Animal Jr. wouldn’t be a bad one.

As for O’Neil, he’s currently treading water in WWE. He seemed to be in line for singles push once he broke up the Prime Time Players tag team, but so far he hasn’t done much on his own.

O’Neil has main event potential, but he’s yet to find the right gimmick. People don’t love him and they don’t necessarily hate him either. But as you can see above, he’s as physically imposing as they come. He’ll be around in wrestling for awhile, but the safe bet is that he never holds the world title. However, the IC belt could definitely be in his future.

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