Dean Ambrose is Longest Reigning U.S. Champion in WWE History

By Damian Seeto
Dean Ambrose Poses
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

The longest reigning U.S. Champion in WWE history is now Dean Ambrose.

The United States title was the secondary belt held in WCW. That promotion used the title more wisely as it was akin to the WWE’s Intercontinental title. Many huge names have held the title in the past such as Goldberg, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat and more.

When WWE resurrected the title, it was a exclusive belt for the Smackdown brand. However, WWE never really gave the belt that much exposure and it has lost its value over the years. You could say the belt has become more of a decoration instead of an actual prestigious title.

There’s nothing wrong with Ambrose as he’s a great wrestler. It’s WWE’s booking that has made the title worthless. Ambrose has held the belt for over 344 days now beating out MVP’s record. This would be more impressive if Ambrose actually was able to defend the belt, but he rarely gets the chance to do that.

Since Ambrose is a part of The Shield, WWE has booked him in many tag-team matches instead. Because of this, it seems as if WWE has forgotten about the belt altogether. Earlier this year, I thought Ambrose would lose the title to Mark Henry, but Ambrose still remained champion.

With only one World Champion in WWE now, the Intercontinental Title has had more exposure. This is a good thing, but the US Title is still forgotten which is the sad part. Hopefully WWE considers making the U.S. Title relevant again. It’s very odd the longest reigning champion is someone that doesn’t even defend it constantly.

Well, Ambrose could lose the belt this week as he’s scheduled to defend the belt on Smackdown. He will face Ryback, Curtis Axel and Alberto Del Rio.

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