Sheamus Needs to Turn Heel

By Dan Marsiglia
Sheamus and Batista
Courtesy of Sheamus – WWE Universe Facebook

If there’s anybody in WWE who desperately needs a reboot, that man is Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior has grown beyond stale as a babyface the last few months, and his character is going absolutely nowhere. You know what that means – time to turn heel.

Nothing freshens up a character better than a good old fashioned heel turn. Let’s face it, Sheamus hasn’t been tearing down the house playing the hero. Judging from his crowd reactions, sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s a fan-favorite at all. Sheamus has heard plenty of boos over the last few weeks and months, some more vociferous than others.

Truth be told, Sheamus is better suited to be a heel anyway. He’s a big, stiff worker who likes to punish his opponents. Essentially, he’s a bully. Playing that role as a face is tricky.

Moreover, the character Sheamus plays as a face doesn’t mesh with his style. More often than not, Sheamus outwardly appears jolly and jovial, cracking jokes and trying to make people smile. It comes off as completely disingenuous, especially when he steps inside the ring and starts battering people.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Sheamus hasn’t clicked with the audience as a good guy.

Turning Sheamus would benefit both the performer and company. For one thing, WWE is sorely lacking credible main event heels at the moment. Aside from Randy Orton, there aren’t many full-timers who fit the bill. Bray Wyatt is climbing the ladder, but he isn’t quite there yet, and the same can be said of Cesaro.

When Daniel Bryan‘s feud with Kane is over, and presumably (hopefully) it will end after Extreme Rules on May 4, who will be his next challenger? There isn’t exactly a long line of heels ready to jump into the main event spot, and rehashing a program with Orton is not what fans want to see. Why not turn Sheamus and add him to the mix?

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