Rybaxel is Technically an Older Team Than You Think

By josephrandazzo
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The one complaint about the tag-team division today is they just put guys together who are known for being singles competitors and create teams out of nowhere. The wrestling fan with the untrained eye will point to a team like Rybaxel to make this point.

They’ll say these are two guys who are flailing in their careers following a strong year and this is a way to keep them relevant. Well the Internet Wrestling Community who seems to be happy over nothing is half wrong about this one. If you think back to 2010, both Ryback and Curtis Axel were a part of the Nexus.

Back then Ryback was known as Skip Sheffield, a power lifting redneck who sold shrimp off a steam boat, and Axel was known as Michael McGillicutty, a character who isn’t much different from the one he has now.

While yes, the two of them were technically teammates, both were in Nexus at different times. When Ryback was forced to take a hiatus due to injury, Axel and Husky Harris, a man you may know as Bray Wyatt today, took his place a few months later.

Now if you’re a hardcore Nexus fan waiting for some sort of DVD or at least a WWE Network documentary, then maybe Rybaxel is a dream team. Here are two guys who were a part of this dominant team but at different points of their career. (I doubt this type of person exists. If they do then for sure they’re still crying about the Undertaker)

Ryback was in it from June 7, 2010 to Aug. 18, 2010. Axel joined the group on Oct. 25, 2010 and didn’t leave until August of 2011. He and David Otunga were the two surviving members once CM Punk left for the main event.

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