Chris Jericho Weighs In On Undertaker's Streak

By josephrandazzo
Chris Jericho Streak Interview
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I always considered Chris Jericho to be a “perfect human.” The Rock gets all the credit as a wrestling renaissance man, but Jericho certainly gives him a run for his money. Very rarely is one person gifted athletically, comedically and musically the way Jericho has been in life.

It’s because of his status of “perfect human” that you need to listen whenever Y2J speaks. Recently, he weighed in on the Undertaker‘s streak during an interview with Digital Spy.

“I loved it, I thought it was great. It was a legitimate shock, it got everybody talking. I think the right guy got it, if you’re going from a credibility standpoint, and if you’re going from a believability standpoint. As much as people and fans and journalists want to believe that it’s the case, I’m not sure if Undertaker had too many matches left in him.”

A lot of fans are still angry that Undertaker lost. If you go through YouTube comments or Wrestlezone message boards, the IWC is constantly battling. Now that Jericho has spoken, I think it is safe to say that everyone can calm down. Plus, Jericho is a man who is known for conquering streaks. Let’s not forget that he beat Goldberg’s about four or five times.

Jericho also commented on the fan outrage:

“And much to the fans’ chagrin, who wish that we would wrestle until the day we die at 90 years old and explode into a puff of dust in the ring, sometimes you’ve got to make that decision. If the time was now, Brock was the right guy for that day, and I thought it was amazing. And I would have hated it – hated it – if Undertaker would have retired without losing.”

He brings up a great point in that quote. Fans think these guys can go on forever. They want CM Punk or Stone Cold Steve Austin to come back, and if god forbid they don’t, that means they sold out. How can you fault some of these guys for making the mistake though? Most aren’t exactly in tip-top shape. There are so many “Macho Man” shirts in a Raw audience that read like a poorly-developed comic book character named “Mach Man.”

Jericho also spoke about Punk in the interview, saying Punk left at around the same age he did in 2005 after his war with John Cena. He speculates Punk had a lot of the same body-aching reasons for leaving.

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