CM Punk Gives Chicago High School Baseball Team Pre-Game Speech

By RantSports Staff
CM Punk
Getty Images

In the random pro wrestling news of the day, CM Punk is back to dropping pipe bombs. Kind of.

The semi-retired WWE superstar has been spotted at a place other than the airport or a Chicago Blackhawks game. Yes, it’s true. But Punk’s kind of first public reappearance took place at an odd location — a high school baseball game.

Apparently Punk has a connection to Holy Trinity High School in Chicago, because he gave its baseball team a pre-game speech/pep talk.

Here’s the visual proof that’s been floating around Twitter:

CM Punk return

Waldo has been spotted. That’s Mr. Phil Brooks in the back row, third from the left.

This high school is not Punk’s alma mater, in case you’re wondering. But given that it’s in the Chicago area, he likely has a friend or family member connected to the school. Or he could just have decided to starting giving motivational speeches to baseball teams? It’s really anyone’s guess, because you know he’s not saying anything…

As for the million dollar question of when Punk will return to the squared circle? It’s only a matter of time. Even if he thinks he’s over the wrasslin’ business, he’s not. He’ll get the itch to perform at some point, or someone will get to him and convince him to come back.

The business is fine without him and his leaving definitely opened a spot for a young star. However, most of us can agree that WWE is better of with the BITW performing.


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