WWE Rumors: Will Stone Cold Steve Austin Return As 'Tough Enough' Host?

By RantSports Staff
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Getty Images

WWE is bringing back Tough Enough. It was revealed during a recent conference call that the popular wrestling reality show will be returning/debuting on WWE Network in the near future.

It makes perfect sense to bring the show back. People like it and WWE no longer has to negotiate a deal to put it on TV. They can just add it to the growing list of original programs on the network.

This incarnation of the show will apparently feature newly signed NXT talents. So while they’re already technically WWE employees, it won’t be anyone that fans have seen before (in theory).

But the question on everybody’s mind — will Stone Cold Steve Austin return to host the show?

Let’s be honest, he basically carried the show in 2011. That group of prospects mostly flopped and none of them really stood out as stars. It was Stone Cold’s show.

Given that TE will air on the WWE Network, SCSA isn’t a lock. WWE can throw anyone in the host role that they want, because they don’t have to sell it to anyone. However, that doesn’t mean The Texas Rattlesnake isn’t a must-have for the show’s next season.

SCSA is already busy with his podcast and likely another season of Redneck Island, but he did recently say that he was headed down to the NXT developmental center for a tour. Could that tour be to show him where he’ll be working? We’ll have to wait and see, but if WWE wants good viewership on the new season of TE, they’ll bring back Stone Cold as host.

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