WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Could Be Returning, Teases Dream Opponent

By josephrandazzo
Kurt Angle Ankle Lock
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

Since Wrestlemania season, Kurt Angle has been dropping little hints about returning to WWE. As a fan who watched him from his All-American debut to his final months as ECW’s wrestling machine, this is way more exciting than all the rumors about Sting and Goldberg. Those guys are wrestling legends, but Angle was the original wrecking ball. The man is so influential, Miley Cyrus robbed that gimmick.

Angle dropped this hint on May 1 during a Twitter question and answer session after one fan asked:

“If you would to go back to WWE what wrestler would you be most interested in wrestling first?”

Angle gave the best possible response that today’s wrestling fans — and not the ones who whine and moan on message boards because their lives suck and they have no outlet to convey this — can’t help but gush over.

“If?” said Angle. “Daniel Bryan.”

Hopefully by “if,” he means that some sort of deal has already been worked out. Of course, that “if” might also mean that he’d never go back and it is such a silly question to ask. Him saying Daniel Bryan, though, may be the reason the second sentence in this paragraph isn’t the case at all.

A story between Bryan and Angle would be the best matches since we saw him go toe to toe with Chris Benoit. I don’t think there is a better main event for next year’s Wrestlemania than that one. I can imagine the rematch for it at next year’s Extreme Rules too. The two of them could pay homage to the infamous cage match between Angle and Benoit on Raw.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, these two bumps Angle and Benoit took admittedly made Stone Cold angry because no moment on Raw could follow it again. (He was right.) During the match, Angle did a moonsault from the top of cage and that was followed up by Benoit doing a diving headbutt off it. If Bryan’s two finishing maneuvers are an homage to Benoit, they have to go with that angle – all puns intended.

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