Batista and Vince McMahon Are Butting Heads, Payback Main Event Still Up For Grabs

By Dan Marsiglia
Triple H and Batista
Courtesy of Batista – WWE Universe

Dave Batista and Vince McMahon are not seeing eye to eye at the moment, and there’s plenty of dissension on both sides. The turmoil is spilling over into long-term planning and WWE still doesn’t have a main event planned for their next “Special Event”, which is WWE Payback on Jun. 1 in Chicago, Ill.

Batista was promised many things when he returned to the company back in Jan. Dave won the Royal Rumble, as promised, but the fans completely turned on him as a babyface. In McMahon’s eyes, he was left with no choice but to alter the game plan.

Instead of having Batista main-event WrestleMania against Randy Orton (and presumably capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship), McMahon went with Daniel Bryan instead, who was a budding fan-favorite. Batista even did the honors for Bryan in the match, losing clean to the Yes Lock in the middle of the ring.

As it turns out, Batista has no interest in losing to Bryan a second time.

McMahon wants Batista and Daniel Bryan as the main event for Payback, with Batista doing the job once again. Batista was always going to leave some time in June to start promoting his new film, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which hits theaters nationwide on Aug. 1. Rationally, it would make sense to have him lose on the way out and help put over WWE’s next big star.

Unfortunately for McMahon, Batista doesn’t agree. Dave feels he was promised a bill of goods, and WWE did not live up to their end of the bargain. In reality, that’s exactly what happened. That being said, it’s hard to completely fault McMahon for what went down. The reactions against Batista were so strong that Vince had no choice but to move in a different direction.

To make a long story short, Batista is upset with WWE for failing to live up to their end of the deal, and Vince is perturbed by Batista’s unwillingness to work with (and lose to) Bryan at WWE Payback. However, Vince really wants the match to take place and believes he will be able to convince Batista to go along with the plan.

Batista is not booked on any shows after Extreme Rules, so there was some speculation that Sunday would be his last appearance in WWE for at least a few months. That may not be the case, however, as word going around the street indicates he will be appearing on tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

Will Batista bite the bullet and deliver the main event that McMahon desperately wants? We’ll know a lot more after Raw.

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