Daniel Bryan vs. Kane Was An Awesome Fight

By Damian Seeto
Kane Punching Daniel Bryan
Image from Kane – WWE Universe Facebook

The main event of Daniel Bryan vs. Kane at Extreme Rules as an awesome brawl that featured many spots that fans have not seen in many years.

In recent years, Extreme Rules PPVs hadn’t been that exciting mainly because of the WWE‘s PG rating. They would use weapons and all, but the matches didn’t feel like the exciting brawls you would see in the past. The WWE showed improvement in the 2012 and 2013 events, and the 2014 event didn’t disappoint either. The main event between Bryan and Kane took things to a whole new level.

One of the things I liked about the match is that Bryan and Kane actually went backstage to fight. Kane even slammed Bryan onto the hood of a car. To get the action back in the ring, Bryan knocked out Kane and drove his body onto a forklift. This is something I hadn’t seen since 2003 when Brock Lesnar did something similar to the Big Show.

As the fight continued in the ring, Kane kicked out of everything Bryan gave to him. Bryan also kicked out of many of Kane’s moves too. To up the ante in the match, Kane lit a table on fire. Bryan shoved Kane off the ring apron and Kane went through the fiery table. A stunned and confused Kane stumbled back into the ring while Bryan ended the match with a running knee.

A flaming table is something I had not seen the WWE do since 2006. Most people would have seen the Edge vs. Mick Foley match where they went through a fiery table. I’m glad the WWE is making events more “hardcore” as the PG rating has hurt the product in some matches. Kane and Bryan delivered and it was a match to remember.

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