Feuding With John Cena Is Hurting Bray Wyatt

By Dan Marsiglia
Bray Wyatt and a Child
Courtesy of John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

The program between John Cena and Bray Wyatt got off to a hot start, but ever since WrestleMania XXX, the feud has gone completely off the rails.

For one thing, the storyline stopped making sense as soon as Cena defeated Wyatt at WrestleMania. Cena effectively overcame the odds and pinned Wyatt clean in the middle with his move on the grandest stage of all. How do you rekindle a feud when you book a finish like that?

The answer? Have Cena challenge Wyatt to a cage match for no reason whatsoever, and then have children in sheep masks dishearten and frighten the leader of the Cenation. It sounds like junk because it is. It’s even worse for Wyatt, who started 2014 as one of the hottest heels in the company. He’s still right near the top of an admittedly weak list, but the longer this program lasts, the more it’s hurting him.

The problems are augmented by the WWE‘s mindset that Cena needs to be protected at all times. Would it have been so hard to have Cena cleanly lose a match to set up a rematch that actually makes sense? Cena has been a main-eventer since 2005 – is one loss to a wrestler who’s clearly on the rise going to hurt his value that much? Give me a break.

Sure, Cena “did the job” to Wyatt at Extreme Rules, but they still refused to pin old Johnny boy. Bray won by walking out of the cage after being  distracted by a child singing in a distorted voice. This was after Cena had laid out all three Wyatt Family members and had the match won. If you think “victories” like that are effective in getting heels over, you’re beyond wrong.

Also, I don’t want to hear the argument that it’s good for Wyatt because of the exposure that comes from working with a top star. If anything, the added exposure is a negative because the fans are being conditioned to believe that Wyatt isn’t at or near Cena’s level. That is not the way to establish a new star.

The whole point of the feud is to highlight Cena overcoming the odds at every turn (where have we seen that before?). We read all about the plans for Cena to be a top focus after WrestleMania, and this is obviously their way of showcasing their golden goose. There’s nothing inherently wrong with emphasizing Cena as your top guy, but the WWE shouldn’t do it at the expense of a young, rising talent who has the tools to be a big moneymaker down the line for the company.

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