WWE Rumors: Batista Leaving Won't Hurt Payback Card

By RantSports Staff
Getty Images

In news/rumors that will make few sad, Batista is reportedly unhappy with his situation in WWE. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Batista’s status for the Payback pay-per-view is up in the air. Vince McMahon supposedly wants Batista to main-event the show with Daniel Bryan, but The Animal is apparently not sold.

It’s clear that Batista will be taking time off in the near future to promote his latest movie (Guardians of the Galaxy), but no one knows for sure how long he’ll be off. Especially since he’s also reportedly unhappy over the pay in WWE right now (PPV buys/Network buys-related).

Plan B for Payback is rumored to be a buried alive match between Bryan and Kane. As of right now it seems no one knows for sure which route WWE will take. Maybe not even WWE.

So what if Batista isn’t around for Payback? Who really cares?

His match with Bryan wouldn’t be as good as another Bryan/Kane match. Sure, it would be something different, but we all know that Bryan is going over regardless. Why not just root for the better match to happen?

If The Animal doesn’t want to play ball and he’s unhappy, no one would care if he went home. His whole return has been mediocre-at-best and he’s just not a big attraction anymore. He’s not mid-card, but yet he’s not main-event either.

Whenever he does decide to get back in the full swing of things, his time should be spent solely as a heel putting young guys over. Aka – nowhere near the main event.

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