WWE: The Shield vs. Evolution Did Not Disappoint

By Damian Seeto
The Sheild and Evolution
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

Evolution couldn’t overcome the odds as the team fell to the force of The Shield.

Evolution consisted of Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton. These three men have dominated the WWE for many years and were booked to be unstoppable. After all three men lost at WrestleMania XXX, they reunited to become strong again. Many thought they would have won at Extreme Rules, but they fell to the Shield.

The Shield members of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have been going strong since they debuted in late 2012. The trio have been arguably WWE’s best new act and it’s great that the company has been pushing them ever since. It’s also great that they haven’t broken up the team yet either.

Evolution vs. Shield at Extreme Rules had a hot buildup, and the actual match itself didn’t disappoint. Even though the match was an ordinary tag match, this didn’t stop the fight from spilling into the crowd. Ambrose and Rollins did crazy stunts all over the arena, taking out Triple H and Orton in the process. It was like a brawl you would see in the Attitude Era.

Reigns and Batista were left inside the ring. It looked like Batista was closing in on a victory, but Reigns overpowered him and speared him. Reigns won the match for his team while Evolution was lying down in defeat.

I don’t think the feud is over, but I’m glad Shield won this encounter. This shows that the WWE is confident in its future talent and don’t have to rely on past stars to survive. It’s also great to see that veteran talents like Orton, Batista and Triple H don’t mind losing to put over the younger guys on the roster.

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