Batista Slightly Upset With WWE?

By Damian Seeto
Batista Not Amused
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

It’s being reported that Batista is slightly upset with the WWE for the way things have turned out upon his return to the company after a four-year absence.

Batista initially left the WWE in 2010 as he was unhappy with the direction the company was heading. He disliked the PG direction and felt it weakened the product as a whole. He then went to star in some movies and did other projects. He was convinced to come back, but it sounds like things didn’t turn out the way he’d wanted it to.

Batista was brought back to be an act much like The Rock and Brock Lesnar. The WWE thought fans would immediately welcome him back with open arms. I’m sure the WWE also promised him he would also become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However, things didn’t turn out that way as fans hated his return. This prompted the WWE to give the belt to Daniel Bryan, which left Batista out in the cold.

Batista isn’t angry towards Bryan, he’s just bitter with the way things have been handled regarding his on-screen character. It was initially thought he’d take his break now, but he’s staying on for one more month to be at the Payback PPV. After that, he’s taking two months off to promote his movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

When Batista comes back around August for SummerSlam, it should give enough time for the WWE to think of some meaningful programs for him to be in. I have to admit, Batista hasn’t been booked well as he’s looking weak when he’s supposed to be “The Animal”. Maybe a feud with Lesnar might make Batista and the fans happy.

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