Dean Ambrose Is the Unsung Hero of The Shield

By Dan Marsiglia
The Shield
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Of the three members of the Shield, everyone seems to have Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns pegged as WWE‘s next big stars. Those people aren’t wrong, but they’re forgetting about a very important third man: Dean Ambrose.

How can you not love Dean Ambrose? His consistently gritty performances, fiery comebacks and outstanding bump-taking make for thrilling television viewing. How can you not be enthralled as Ambrose, with his mop of hair flopping about, runs around the ring like a wild man, throwing desperation punches and assaulting anything that moves?

Ambrose is the workhorse of the Shield. Whenever the other team needs to get the heat on somebody, it’s usually Dean who answers the bell. As a smaller man (about 225 pounds), he’s perfectly suited to take a beating, and nobody takes a pounding with as much heart and gusto as Ambrose.

Seth Rollins is another great bump-taker, but he shines during comebacks where he can fly around the ring and execute breathtaking aerial maneuvers. Reigns is great for that final hot tag, where he can run wild on the competition with incredible power and intensity. It’s Ambrose, however, who always gets the ball rolling.

Dean Ambrose is your prototypical worker, and he’s the perfect complimentary piece for the high-flying athleticism of Rollins and the physical dominance of Reigns. Rollins and Reigns would make it on their own, but the group is better with Ambrose in the mix.

Just like Buddy Roberts of the Fabulous Freebirds, Ambrose never gets enough credit. Most fans don’t think he’ll make it as a star, but I disagree. In fact, I think Ambrose has a bright career ahead of him as a babyface. Even the most cold-hearted fan would have a tough time rooting against Dean as he makes his comeback amidst perilous odds.

He’s also a great promo, and that will carry you a long way in WWE. Skilled mic-men are a rarity in wrestling today, and Ambrose will carve himself a nice career as long as they keep handing him the stick.

Unfortunately, Ambrose will probably never get the credit he deserves. Frankly, it’s the nature of his job. That being said, real wrestling fans will always appreciate what he brings to the table.

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