In Defense of Nancy Grace's Comments on Ultimate Warrior

By josephrandazzo
Nancy Grace Ultimate Warrior
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On’s sister site, Rant Lifestyle, I wrote an article about net anonymity and free speech. In it I said we should have absolute free speech. Not only is it a Constitutional right, but you can learn a great deal about who a person truly is when they are allowed to speak freely. As the late great Patrice O’Neal says, people tend to “reveal themselves” if you give them a chance to.

In the case of Nancy Grace I feel the same exact way. It hurt to hear her speak ignorantly about one of our own, but at the end of the day it is her right to say that. Fans asked for her head and job when she took a dump on the Ultimate Warrior‘s legacy, but trying to get someone fired is just us acting like rats.

Nobody should ever lose their job over speech. More importantly we should never shame someone into revealing their true selves. If people have a fear of what to say, then someone like Grace would be afraid to show her genuine piggish side. (Plus who would we make fun of if everyone walked on egg shells?)

That pig should stay put so we can continue to attack her accordingly. Also if we have the right to attack, it would be hypocritical to take away her right to speak. If we’re going to defend Vince McMahon making a woman get on her hands and knees and bark like a dog, then we just can’t in good conscience make this babbling flesh being comprised of liquid nonsense lose her job.

In a way absolute free speech is the internet equivalent of a bad person’s psilocybin trip. If you’re a bad person, then all the bad will come out. In the case of Grace we saw that she lacked complete empathy when it doesn’t come to little white babies lost in the woods while their mothers party on Xanax.

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