Sheamus Unpopular As US Champion

By Damian Seeto
Sheamus Not Popular
Image from Sheamus – WWE Universe Facebook

After winning in a Battle Royal match, Sheamus became the new US Champion on Raw. The fan reception was not pretty.

Ever since Sheamus came into the WWE, the company has pushed him to the moon. He became the WWE Champion just five months after his debut. He has since become a multiple-time World Champion, yet the fans never really organically liked him. This is mainly because he’s “favored” behind the scenes since he’s one of Triple H‘s friends.

Wrestling fans are a weird bunch, but they normally like to see wrestlers who have worked hard and earned their spot become successful. The top guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Daniel Bryan have been successful because fans naturally liked them. Even John Cena was naturally liked by the fans until the company pushed him too much.

As for Sheamus, the company chose him to be a star and forced fans to like him. This has actually hurt Sheamus more than it benefited him as fans boo him whenever he wins matches. They feel he’s being “protected” too much, like the same way Cena is favored behind the scenes.

Even though Sheamus is a babyface, many people booed when he became the new US Champion on Raw. He won it off of Dean Ambrose in a 20-man Battle Royal. Many people wanted Ambrose to hold the title for at least a year, but he dropped it just two weeks shy of that target.

It’s probably a good time for Sheamus to become a heel and make him feud with actual fan favorites such as Dolph Ziggler or something. Fans are unlikely to like Sheamus if he’s getting handed everything to him.

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