WWE's Tribute To 7-Year Old Connor Michalek Is Must-See

By RantSports Staff
Triple H
Getty Images

It feels like this happens all too often in sports and entertainment these days, but we’ve lost yet another young fan to cancer. This time it was seven year-old WWE fan Connor ‘The Crusher’ Michalek.

His story is heartwrenching to say the least:

If nothing else you can take solace in the fact that he had a great final experience at WrestleMania. His father spoke of it and it’s definitely the silver lining to this story. Connor’s life was far too short, but at least he was able to live out a dream night before he passed on.

Daniel Bryan was tremendous during the entire process and you can tell that WWE truly cared for their young fan. Far too often the company gets accused of doing things just for show, but that’s not the case here and that’s not really the case at all anymore.

From Make-a-Wish, its anti-bullying campaign and support of the military, WWE does as much for the community these days as many sports leagues do.

Where WWE really excels nowadays is in getting help for current/former employees. The McMahons have paid for several former stars to go to rehab and the company is more proactive than ever about concussions, head-related injuries and PED use.

It’s time people stop putting WWE into a category with trashy talk shows and other companies that don’t really give back to the community. WWE is doing more than ever for its fans across the globe and also more than ever for its employees.

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