WWE: Damien Sandow Is Now A Joke

Damien Sandow Huge Jobber

Image from Damien Sandow – Facebook Page

It’s sad, but Damien Sandow continues to be nothing but a joke in the WWE.

There was a time when people thought Sandow could become a huge star. He won the Money in the Bank match to allow him to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title. Sandow had the right in-ring and microphone skills to actually become something decent. Alas, that’s all in the past and Sandow is nothing but a huge jobber now.

The moment Sandow became irrelevant was when he lost to John Cena. He failed to win the World Heavyweight Title, and that was basically the end of his push. WWE officials actually liked the match, but a Sandow-Cena feud never got off the ground. The WWE then decided to unify both belts and now a lot of mid-card wrestlers find themselves without any purpose or direction in their storylines.

Cena went on to feud with Randy Orton and then Bray Wyatt. Sandow, on the other hand, kept losing matches and was booked as a comedy act. He was first booked as a “Bad Santa” and then lost a ton of matches. More recently, Hugh Jackman and Dolph Ziggler were involved in a segment where Sandow dressed up as X-Men’s Magneto.

The most recent development for Sandow is him losing in a dark match to Xavier Woods. Woods himself has been booked as a jobber, but Sandow even lost to him. It’s sad how insignificant Sandow has become.

The worst part about all of this is that there hasn’t been any reports of Sandow upsetting anyone backstage. Usually, wrestlers lose their push if they do something bad. Sandow has done nothing but follow the WWE’s ludicrous storylines. At this rate, Sandow will become the new Zack Ryder and may not even appear on TV much.

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  • bigkool2

    This sucks to cause i love the I’m > U t-shirt

  • Wes

    It’s really a shame, I felt he had such potential as a heel when he was wearing the robe and talking smack to everyone. He’s supposed to be the intellectual savior yet comes out in a dink ass magneto costume? I hate to see how he’s booked, I was starting to get behind him and was excited to see where he was going as “the uncrowned world heavyweight champion” but they’ve drug him through the mud so much I don’t know if the character could recover. I’m hoping for Sandow but I fear the shirt I bought will become a collector’s item among the jobbers who never were