WWE Rumors: Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust In Works For SummerSlam?

By RantSports Staff
Cody Rhodes and Goldust Buried
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It appears that Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust may not be a dead match idea after all. PWInsider is reporting that WWE still does have plans to pit the two real-life brothers against each other in a singles match. As for when that bout will take place, is really anyone’s guess. The report just states that the feud is expected to be short and that Cody will be the heel.

It’s unclear why talks of a match between the two are taking place now and not prior to WrestleMania. Perhaps a match was discussed for WM and WWE decided to push it off to a later date? Either way it’s a match that wrestling fans are clamoring to see.

As for the idea of a run between the two being short, it’s kind of puzzling. Both guys don’t really have much else to do right now and putting them in a summer-long feud could be worthwhile. At minimum the brothers need to have a three-match set if they’re not going to do one big match at WM.

Why not have them work a series of matches leading up to SummerSlam this year? The brotherly feud deserves the SS stage at minimum.

The seeds for this rivalry have been planted over the last several weeks. The announcers keep referring to the brothers not being on the same page and things of that nature. Given all the signs, it seems that this long awaited-feud could finally be right around the corner.

Hopefully WWE doesn’t screw it up.

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