Chavo Guerrero Drops out of Match with David Benoit

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A wrestling promoter showed how much of a piece of garbage he was this week by using the Benoit name to sell some tickets. David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, was set to make his debut during the summer for Hart Legacy Wrestling in Calgary until it came out that he received no formal training. With that news it doesn’t seem like the match will be going down at all.

Smith Hart, the promoter, lied about Benoit’s training to his tag-team partner for the event Chavo Guerrero. When Guerrero found out the youngest Benoit never found himself in a ring before he became furious with Hart.

It turns out that when Benoit enrolled in wrestling camps like Lance Storm’s he simply wouldn’t show up. Once the news hit Chris Jericho’s realm he too was angry at Hart. Y2J had apparently been in constant contact with the promoter and heard the same lies. Hart added a new angle to Jericho though. The promoter claimed he would not be wrestling, but instead would be involved in an angle.

It might be a while before we see Benoit in a major wrestling company. He’ll probably need to mature a bit before really making the decision of whether or not he should become a professional wrestler.

In the past Benoit went to Triple H and William Regal to receive training by WWE but said he was too young to work with them. They instead recommended Lance Storm’s school — one of the first schools he just never showed up to.

You can’t really be mad at a high school kid for not keeping his word. We don’t know what’s going on in his head, and it’s possible he may have been manipulated by Hart.

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