WWE Rumors: Big Names Being Discussed For Legends House 2

By RantSports Staff
Hulk Hogan
Getty Images

WWE Network is off and running. So far it’s been a big success for WWE with its live online content and massive library. Another big part of the network is of course the original programming. Countdown, WrestleMania Rewind and Legends House are part of the first crop of originals and all seem to be doing well.

When it comes to Legends House, there’s already talk over season two. It’s not a matter of if another season will take place, it’s just a matter of when it starts filming and who will star in it. As for the names being mentioned, they won’t disappoint most fans.

According to a report on Wrestlezone, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are both being considered for season two.

If WWE is able to land even one of those two icons, you can bet that season two will be a huge success. It’s not that there isn’t star power on season one, but Roddy Piper is really the only must-see guy. The other members are solid contributors, but let’s be honest — watching Mean Gene and Pat Patterson play cards isn’t the most entertaining thing.

Could Hogan and Flair co-exist under one roof? Maybe, but you can bet that there’d be some tense moments between the two. Both think that they’re the top star in wrestling history and both know that they’re living legends. Interesting TV? You bet.

We’ll have to see who else is rumored for LH 2, but things are already looking up for the next installment of the show.


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