It’s Time for Just One Title: Save Daniel Bryan’s Shoulder

By josephrandazzo
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Photo Courtesy of WWE Wrestlemania Official Facebook Page

When Chris Jericho first won the Undisputed Championship at Vengeance it was cool that they decided to have him carry around both the WWF and WCW Championships. Back then the WWF title was such a nice looking belt that it would have been a shame for it to just go to waste even though the titles were unified.

Eventually though both titles were put to rest and Ric Flair debuted the Undisputed Championship. Right now we’re at such a point with the dual titles that it would be okay for history to repeat itself. You almost feel bad for Daniel Bryan knowing he has to lug those two big title belts around. When you beat Kane in a hardcore match that involves fire, you shouldn’t have to toss heavy titles in the air repeatedly to start a YES chant.

There’s going to be a time when Bryan’s old and he goes through his list of injuries for some WWE Network hologram show. In it he’ll talk about the freak shoulder tears that came from throwing the WWE and World Heavyweight title up every night. If this will be a long run then for Bryan’s sake it might be time that they at least drop one belt.

The WWE Title has a newer design but for the sake of luxury it would be great if the World Heavyweight Championship wasn’t the belt they retired. The title is classic and has been around since the days of Jim Crockett promotions. Every wrestling company wants their championship to have prestige and the Big Gold Belt, as it’s referred to, has all the prestige you could ask for.

The WWE Title looks like it is only exclusive to professional wrestling. The World Heavyweight Title on the other hand is one that can be laid upon the waist of champions of all walks of life.

Also what belt has more history than the Big Gold Belt? It’s been held by names like Ric Flair, the Rock, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. Let’s also not forget that Aaron Rodgers donned the Big Gold after winning the Super Bowl.

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