Kurt Angle Likely Done With TNA After ACL Surgery; WWE Return Only Matter of Time

By RantSports Staff
Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle and TNA appear to be headed for a breakup. It’s been widely speculated for months now that it’s only a matter of time before Angle makes his return to WWE. He’s hinted at it in interviews and on Twitter, and it just makes sense for both parties. As for when the gold medalist will make his long awaited return, no one is exactly sure.

But now there’s a big clue in regards to Angle’s TNA departure. His contract reportedly comes up in September, which will now also be the same time that he gets done with ACL rehab. After five years of wrestling with a busted knee, Angle is finally opting for surgery to repair it.

The timing of the surgery is not a coincidence. He’s undergoing it at the perfect time to run out the length of his contract. Not only that, in theory, he’ll be rested and feeling better than he has in a long time prior to signing back on with WWE.

TNA could very well fold before Angle’s deal comes up, but it’s just hard to see him staying with the failing company past September. The stage is set for a victory lap with WWE.

As he’s alluded to — it’s not a matter of if he comes back. He’ll return to the mothership in some capacity. Wrestling fans are hoping that he’ll get medical clearance, but there are no guarantees after lots of neck problems throughout his career.

The safe bet is that Angle will return to WWE this fall or by Royal Rumble next winter. You know that he feels he’s got at least one Mania run in him, which he more than deserves after having tremendous success in the wrestling business since debuting 15 years ago.


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