WWE Rumors: Sheamus To Join Evolution?

By RantSports Staff
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There’s definitely a lot of changes going on in WWE right now. Some of the guys who have been on top of the card for the past few years, aren’t exactly in the same positions today. Sheamus is one of those guys.

After being one of WWE’s top guys since WrestleMania 26, the Sheamus face character has become very stale. Depending on who you ask, it’s possibly been stale for a while now. There have been rumors of WWE turning him back heel in the near future, but now there are specific rumored plans to have him align with other heels — Evolution.

According to a report on Wrestlezone, WWE is currently discussing whether or not to keep Evolution going after Batista leaves for his promotional work. If that is the case, the group would obviously need another member to be an official stable. At this time, it appears Sheamus is indeed a top candidate to be Batista’s replacement.

So, would the Celtic Warrior be a good fit with Evolution?

While it wouldn’t be the worst decision WWE has made, and it would give Sheamus something to do, it’s just hard to buy him as an Evolution member. If WWE is set on keeping the group going over the summer, young talents need to be added. That’s the true concept and purpose of Evolution.

With Randy Orton and Triple H there to be the veterans, WWE could easily pluck a couple of young talents to put with them. That concept makes more sense than adding a declining star who just needs something to do.

Sheamus is talented, he deserves a job with WWE. But he’s not a top draw. The only way he’ll be involved in the main event picture again is if he turns heel and ‘evolves’ his character, his own way.

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