Brock Lesnar Needs to Beat Undertaker Before Becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion

By josephrandazzo
Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman
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Undertaker had a simple mantra 14 years ago. It was “I’ll make you famous.” Back then, he said his beatings were so legendary it would create careers. In the case of Brock Lesnar, the path through the Undertaker recreated his career. Not just that, but Brock become famous for turning the tables and laying the beating on Taker in his own yard at Wrestlemania.

With Paul Heyman gloating every week how he is the man behind the “one” in “one” and “21” and his client “Brock Lesnar conquered the streak”, we might be seeing Undertaker in the ring one more time. When in the history of professional wrestling have you seen somebody get called out this much and it doesn’t lead to a big-time match?

By beating Undertaker in what could be the final stop in his retirement tour — possibly at Summerslam — we’ll see just how dominate Brock is. Also, with the Undertaker fully decimated, he can set his sights on Daniel Bryan’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After accomplishing all of this, we can potentially be seeing the most dominant man to ever enter a professional wrestling ring.

If WWE really wanted to set up a younger talent like Roman Reigns as their next big thing, the way Brock was a decade ago, you can have them end a title reign (no pun intended), which surpasses CM Punk’s more than 400 days as top dog. The possibilities on what to do with Lesnar and the future of WWE are endless.

The key to all this is Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker one more time. If he really wanted to be “famous”, that’s the only way to do it.

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