Can John Cena Turn Big E Into A Star?

By Damian Seeto
Big E Lays Out John Cena
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

The WWE‘s biggest money ticket, John Cena, is said to be interested in doing a feud against Big E. Can Cena groom him to become a huge star?

Cena has always been a fan of Big E’s and wanted to actually work with him earlier. Cena wanted to feud with Big E when he was the World Heavyweight Champion last year. Alas, that didn’t happen as the WWE decided to unify the belts instead and Cena entered a feud with Randy Orton. Big E held on to the Intercontinental title for several months instead.

I think Cena facing Big E will do wonders for the young star. Big E’s momentum seems to be fading after he lost the Intercontinental title to Wade Barrett. Barrett has more of the fan support and has a better character. Big E’s character is boring, although some people do appreciate his size and wrestling ability.

Cena is still busy facing off with Bray Wyatt, but I do think he could face Big E in time for SummerSlam. It’s also a good sign that Cena is being booked in other feuds that don’t have him chasing for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. This means the WWE is giving Daniel Bryan some breathing room. The last thing people want to see is for Cena to become champion for the 15th time …

If this goes ahead, hopefully Big E can come out of it looking bigger than ever. Other people who have faced Cena in the past have gone onto mid-card obscurity. Just ask Ryback and Damien Sandow, who have never recovered after facing off with Cena.

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