WWE: Sheamus Should Not Join Evolution

By Damian Seeto
Sheamus Might Join Evolution
Image from Sheamus – WWE Universe Facebook

With Batista taking a break, there’s been talk that Sheamus might join Evolution in his absence. This sounds like a bad idea.

Evolution started as a way to get young guys over as it featured the past, present and future of the WWE. Ric Flair was the veteran, Triple H was the current star while Batista and Randy Orton represented the future. The group dominated for quite some time until they all went their separate ways in 2005. They have since reunited, although Flair is not in the group now.

Batista will take time off after the Payback PPV to promote his movie Guardians of the Galaxy. WWE still wants Evolution to stay together and the current idea is for Sheamus to join the faction with Batista gone. This idea seems odd and Sheamus isn’t the right guy for it.

I think the concept of Evolution should stay and someone new should join the group. Triple H is now the past, Orton is the present and someone else should represent the future. Sheamus joining the group does nothing as he’s another present wrestler. Not to mention, the WWE has already pushed him to the moon both as a heel and babyface. People still won’t care much for him if he joins Evolution.

I reckon someone like Big E or even Cesaro could benefit more if they were to join Evolution. Big E is in need of a character change as his current gimmick isn’t clicking with fans. As for Cesaro, he needs that extra push to solidify himself as a future main event star.

Sheamus is a good worker, but he doesn’t need the rub for now. He’s been pushed so many other times in the past, and it’s unfair to other guys on the roster who have had no opportunities to shine.

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