Daniel Bryan Taking Time Off Due To Neck Injury

By Damian Seeto
Daniel Bryan Injured
Image from Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe Facebook

Daniel Bryan has announced he has a legit neck injury and will be needing to take some time off for surgery and recovery.

Thankfully it doesn’t to be a severe injury, but Bryan himself has said he’s unsure about the severity of the injury yet. If surgery goes well for him, he might be back in a month or two. He mentioned there is a chance his wrestling career could be over, but he won’t know until he gets the surgery done.

There has been no mention if WWE plans to strip him off of the WWE World Heavyweight Title yet. It’s very likely Bryan might miss the Payback PPV, so his feud with Kane is up in the air right now. It appears Bryan is keeping the belts for now until WWE knows exactly how long he might be out of action.

It has been roller-coaster year for Bryan, as a lot of positive and negative things have happened to him. Life seemed good when he won at WrestleMania XXX and then he got married to Brie Bella. Shortly afterwards, his dad died and so did a young fan of his. Fast forward to now, and he’s got a neck injury that could limit him in the future.

Neck injuries are a pain as some famous names have had to retire early because of them. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge are the two notable wrestlers who had to retire early from neck injuries. Hopefully Bryan is okay and it’s not serious.

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