Pairing Up Dolph Ziggler And Summer Rae Would Help Put Ziggler Over Again

By josephrandazzo
Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio
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If we’re going by wrestling standards, Dolph Ziggler stole the show last night. Now that CM Punk’s, gone Ziggler can rightfully hold the accolade of the roster’s best in-ring performer on his own. Nobody on Monday or Friday night is faster or more athletic in that ring.

When Ziggler beat Fandango before the show’s main event, it felt like you could have a feud to kick-start both of their careers. A former World Champion and someone who beat Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania is meant for so much more. If this does happen, then what better way to use Summer Rae than by pairing her up with the show-off? For one, the two have the stereotypical blonde thing going on and the WWE loves stereotypes.

The success Ziggler has had in the past all came with a woman in his corner. He held multiple titles under Vickie Guerrero – even a World Championship for an hour — and won the World Heavyweight Championship with AJ accompanying him to ringside. Guerrero has a legendary name and AJ might be beloved, but he’d have the most success with Summer Rae because of what she does during matches.

If you didn’t skip through old Fandango matches, you’d notice that Rae was the best part. Whenever he would give someone a big move, she’d jump up and down and happily clap. If someone else controls the match for a while, she’d pace back and forth, which happened a lot. It was adorable.

My personal favorite, though, is her looking depressed whenever Fandango would lose. She looked more invested in the match than he was. Rae was so good at ringside that sometimes the crowd would chant her name. You could say she is the underrated Ziggler of managers.

The only person who could match her valet energy is Ziggler. Aesthetically, it would be great if Ziggler, the king of selling, takes a bump and Rae looks horrified in the background. Of course, since managers are the sun to Ziggler’s kryptonian DNA, he would mount a comeback and deliver a fameasser better than Billy Gunn ever could.

Rae would get so excited for the comeback and Ziggler could do something Zigglerish like wiggle his hips and point at her. The best heel move would be him blowing her a kiss whenever he’s pinning someone for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Then, after Ziggler wins, the two of them could oversell making out.

Sometimes guys are meant to be with managers, and that isn’t a bad thing. You could argue that Miss Elizabeth helped make the Macho Man what he was. He wasn’t the same after he dropped her.

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