With Daniel Bryan Out, Expect John Cena To Get Top Billing

By Dan Marsiglia
John Cena and the Usos
Courtesy of John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

The “hardcore” wrestling fan may not want to hear this, but John Cena isn’t leaving the spotlight any time soon. In fact, Daniel Bryan‘s impending neck surgery and subsequent time off will hasten Cena’s push into the limelight.

A lot of wrestling fans don’t like Cena because of the perception that he isn’t a great worker. It’s funny how vocal fans at televised events can give the perception that somebody is universally hated, when the reality of the situation is far different.

Cena is still the top babyface in WWE, and it’s not even close. At live events, John Cena sells about five times the amount of merchandise as the No. 2 seller – Daniel Bryan. While merchandise isn’t the be-all and end-all, it’s a great barometer for popularity and tells much about who the public is willing to spend money on.

John Cena is always the go-to guy when business starts floundering. He is their top dog, their thoroughbred and in moments of doubt they feel safest when Cena is captaining the ship. Can we honestly blame them?

This isn’t a knock against Daniel Bryan. Despite some seriously damaging booking (his entire feud with Kane), Bryan has done quite well for himself during his brief run as champion. He’s moved ratings and sold merchandise, and he appears to be over for good with the “WWE Universe.” His neck injury simply came at an extremely inopportune time, both for himself and the promotion.

Cena was always going to be pushed hard after WrestleMania, and I expect him to come out on top in his feud with Bray Wyatt. Their program will likely come to a head at WWE Payback, where Wyatt has challenged Cena to a Last Man Standing match. Cena is going to win the match, and from there he will be thrust into the world title scene.

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