Dolph Ziggler Mocks Batista Online

By Damian Seeto
Dolph Ziggler Teases Batista
Image from Dolph Ziggler – WWE Universe Facebook

Apparently, Dolph Ziggler isn’t afraid of speaking his mind and Batista was his target this week. Ziggler tweeted: “Batista is the weak link of Evolution. He’s the only one who hasn’t evolved.”

I’m not sure if Ziggler is speaking in character, or if he is really calling out Batista and his flaws. Ziggler has criticized the likes of Randy Orton and John Cena in the past. He’s mentioned in interviews that he was sick of seeing the same guys in main events.

Ziggler has a point about Batista since the latter’s return has been underwhelming. Batista was brought back to be a huge star like the Rock, but the people didn’t buy into it and booed him. Now, he’s reuniting with Evolution instead of being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as initially planned.

Batista will lose even more momentum after the Payback PPV when he takes his break. It will be interesting to see if the WWE reinvents his character after his break, or if he’ll return with Evolution.

As for Ziggler, I would have kept my mouth shut if I was him. Ziggler was buried last year after mouthing off on Cena and Orton. If the WWE realizes he’s criticized Batista, they could do it again. Then again, Ziggler has nothing to lose at this point as the WWE has pretty much buried him already.

Ziggler also mentioned he’d like to step up with Daniel Bryan now injured. This would be a good idea, although I feel the WWE won’t do that. They would probably go back and make Cena champion for the 15th time instead …

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