If Kurt Angle Wants To Return To WWE, Would Vince McMahon Welcome Him Back?

By Dan Marsiglia
Kurt Angle
Courtesy of Official Impact Wrestling Facebook

Everyone seems to understand that TNA is a sinking ship. They’ve already struck the iceberg and water is violently flooding the hull. Every few days you hear about another performer who has left the company. One name that’s been heavily rumored to be on his way out is none other than Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle.

Angle had a rocky split with WWE in 2006. Angle asked for and was granted an early release from the promotion, claiming he couldn’t take time off and was constantly working hurt. WWE was happy to sign the release, feeling that Kurt was completely out of control at the time. He had a severe painkiller addiction and a bubbling alcohol problem, and he refused to slow down and take care of his body. It was a case where both sides had plenty to gripe about.

Kurt was granted his release in Aug. 2006, and by the following month he was in TNA. He’s been there ever since. It’s amazing to think that Kurt has been with TNA for more than seven years, which is longer than his tenure with WWE. While Vince McMahon does not consider TNA competition (nor should he), that probably wasn’t the best way for Kurt to endear himself to his former boss.

Angle recently underwent ACL surgery and will be out of action for a few months. With his TNA contract coming due shortly, there’s been plenty of speculation regarding a possible return to WWE. It’s no secret that Kurt wants to come back to his old haunt, but would the company welcome him with open arms?

Kurt is a big star who would mean a lot for business, especially considering the current state of the WWE Network. Under those pretenses, WWE wouldn’t hesitate to bring the former star back. However, I’m worried that Angle’s history of drug problems and shaky personal life may scare the higher-ups away.

If push comes to shove, Angle will return to WWE. He’s too big a name to pass up on, especially when you consider the current financial position the company is in. While a monetary turnaround probably isn’t far from the horizon, Angle’s return could speed up the process.

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