Keeping Brock Lesnar Off TV Is Good Booking

Brock Lesnar

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Ever since Paul Heyman‘s client, Brock Lesnar, conquered the streak, fans have been clamoring for his return. People want to see the man who shocked the world (well, several U.S. media outlets) and sent the internet wrestling community into a frenzy.

This is exactly why Lesnar should be kept away from television.

The more the fans want Lesnar back, the more anticipation you can build for his return. As the tension continues to grow, so will the revenue when Brock finally makes his presence felt. It’s a case of making the people want something, then holding off giving it to them until they’re itching to pay big bucks for it. It’s classic wrestling booking, and it rarely fails.

Having Paul Heyman come out each week and deliver his now infamous line is a stroke of genius. It’s a great way to keep Lesnar relevant to the fans while at the same time building heat for his return. If Brock wasn’t mentioned at all on WWE programming, they would run the risk of having Lesnar cool off.

Vince McMahon could have easily hot-shotted Lesnar after all the attention they gained. Ending Undertaker‘s WrestleMania winning streak was a big deal; putting Lesnar on PPV in a high profile contest, perhaps even a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, would have done nice business.

They’ll do even better business by waiting till later in the year, most likely around SummerSlam. Since he didn’t wrestle at Extreme Rules, I would also expect him to work the PPV after SummerSlam. That “Special Event” will be Night of Champions on Sep. 21.

This couldn’t have been a difficult decision for Vince. Lesnar doesn’t work many dates anyway, as per his contract. Even if he wanted to work more often, WWE probably couldn’t afford it. Just like The Rock, Lesnar earns a lot of money per appearance, so they’re is wise to use his limited dates sparingly.

That being said, WWE is handling the situation brilliantly. I for one can’t wait to see how things pan out when he returns.

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  • MarcMero

    I’m going to disagree entirely here. Accomplishing the biggest upset in prowrestling and not doing anything but having having your manage simply saying the sentence week after week until who knows when, is the laziest build for whatever return Lesnar will have. Of course they cant do much with Lesnars schedule, but having a 4-6 month wait is not making people looking forward to it. The actual build for the WM match was HORRENDOUS. Here it was: You’re gonna just keep saying you’re gonna break the streak and just attack eachother a couple times? The HHH/Taker builds were infinitely better. All I’m saying is booking for the entire RIVALRY of Brock and Taker was booked horribly.

    • Dan Marsiglia

      don’t disagree about the Brock/ Taker rivalry, but I think you’re missing the big picture. If they bring Lesnar back early instead of slowly building his return, you can only do so much with him. He would have left after Extreme Rules anyway, so it’s not like they could do something meaningful like give him the title. It’s better to save it for later in the year. Let’s not forget that the first run of Network subscriptions are coming due. They’re going to need something to sell people on, and Lesnar’s return may be just the thing.

      • MarcMero

        Just think about it. The booking prior was half assed and positively generic. HBK confirmed the winner of the match was decided just hours before the ppv. You dont think Lesnar making one appearance with Heyman talking could’ve done something? They had one chance to create the biggest build and upset in history but they chose a generic video game type rivalry and ending with Lesnar putting him away quickly.

        • Dan Marsiglia

          Well firstly, he didn’t put him away quickly, it was a 30 minute match. Secondly, Lesnar did appear next to Heyman on Raw the day after the PPV and cut a promo. I agree the build could have been better, but I don’t understand what this has to do with the article. I said keeping Lesnar off TV until later in the year is a good booking decision; I wasn’t arguing that the build to Lesnar/ Undertaker was anything special. The build may have been disappointing, but the finish was a huge story and when Lesnar returns it’s going to be a big deal