Will The Program Between Sheamus And Cesaro Continue?

By Dan Marsiglia
Sheamus and Cesaro
Courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment Facebook

After battling to a grueling double count-out on WWE Main Event, it appears that Sheamus and Cesaro are destined to feud with each another.

If you’re an old-school fan, this program will be a treat. The Celtic Warrior and the King of Swing both employ a hard-hitting style that is very entertaining to watch. These are two big, tough guys who can give and receive punishment with equal aplomb. It’s a rare opportunity for mainstream wrestling fans to sit back and watch two large athletes beat the holy heck out of each other with their fists instead of weapons.

It seems that Rob Van Dam has been momentarily forgotten. RVD and Cesaro were involved in a developing storyline, but the WWE is moving in a different direction. The chemistry wasn’t there from the beginning, so the change is for the better. RVD wasn’t mentioned at all during Tuesday’s telecast.

On the other hand, booking Sheamus and Cesaro is going to be tricky. For one thing, finishes are going to be a problem. WWE shouldn’t have either one of these guys lose at this point in time, as both Sheamus and Cesaro are headed for bigger and better things down the line. Cheap finishes are rarely crowd-pleasers, so it will be interesting to see how the WWE handles this issue.

Of course, the match may have been a one-time affair aimed at drawing people to the WWE Network. Main Event is only available on the Network, and Vince McMahon is desperate for subscribers. Instead of doing a long feud, it’s very possible that this was a one-shot deal. As a fan, I hope that’s not the case.

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