WWE Payback: Shield/Evolution Rematch Is Best For Business

By Shaun Lowe
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In three weeks, we will more than likely see the second battle in the war between The Shield and Evolution 2.0 at WWE Payback. The first showdown made both factions look like gods among men; what with all the high flying, monster spots, and incredible pacing. It’s hard to imagine they would be able to top their last match, but I think with how hungry Shield is and how dedicated Triple H is to making WWE the unequivocal top dog in wrestling, there’s no reason to doubt that they’ve got something special up their sleeves.

Unfortunately, the writing has been on the wall for some time now, that WWE will not be bringing WarGames back to life. It was assumed that if they were to resurrect one of the most exciting stipulations in wrestling history, the perfect place for it would have been Extreme Rules; just as without question, the perfect opponents would have been Shield/Evolution. The rivalry between these two groups has played out like an all-out war and each step they take in continuing the feud is constantly reaffirming that fact.

RAW made it clear that there would be a rematch, but Triple H’s rant didn’t exactly clear things up on how the match would play out. The question going into Sunday June 1 is whether or not we’ll see another six-man tag match or if it will turn into three one on one match-ups. If it turns out to be three separate battles, then it will be fascinating to see which warriors are paired against one another.

Moving forward, they want Roman Reigns to be a force to be reckoned with, which requires meticulous booking, top-tier opponents, and memorable moments. Having said all of that, the logical match for him is against Triple H, but would that pairing be coming too soon?

There have been rumors saying that Triple H wants Reigns at Summerslam, which would skyrocket Roman’s career even further into the stratosphere. Would it make sense to have “The Big Dog” face off against “The Game” in June, when the ideal time isn’t until August?

Having Reigns go up against Batista would make for a brutally physical match, but requires Batista to lose in order to make Reigns look strong; which if you’ve paid any attention to the dirt sheets, Batista is tired of being made to look weak, losing at multiple PPVs to younger talent, hasn’t gone over well with him.

Then there’s Randy Orton, who could help Reigns put on a lengthier match (something that he’s not really added to him resume in solo matches yet), but having Orton lose may cause fans to not take him as a serious threat moving forward.

As a fan, this is why the current rivalry between the two factions is so exciting right now. We have six guys who can all put on great matches, especially when paired with the right opponent; but choosing the right ones to face off in an effort to progress the current story, is quite difficult when you’re also wanting to keep the peace.

Even though logically it makes much more sense to have them do a direct rematch, I would love to see them go one-on-one, especially if they have it so that Shield wins all three of their matches (I’m biased, what can I say).

No matter what type of match(es) are booked for Payback, the fans will benefit greatly. These two groups have made the product much more worthwhile to watch recently and a second PPV showdown will only cause us to want even more.

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