John Cena Should Break Ric Flair’s 16-Time Championship Record, End Yes Movement

By josephrandazzo
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Only the New York Yankees, Montreal Canadiens and Boston Celtics have more championships than Ric Flair. Now as much respect as I have for those teams, their championships don’t come from real sports. Anybody could ice skate or toss a ball around. Taking on Bruiser Brody and Triple H’s sledgehammer all in the same career is reserved for the men.

Flair’s 16 World Championships are part of the most prestigious feat in all of sports because he mostly did it on his own – although sometimes he had help from the Four Horsemen. You can’t knock him for it either. When Derek Jeter plays baseball sometimes he has help. (For the most part though it’s all him.)

Now that Flair has become a relic in the world of sports, it’s time someone new holds the weight of the greatest of all time. This is where John Cena comes in. Cena is beloved by all and has the type of underdog story you can respect. Drake talks about coming from the bottom and Cena has had the same tortured life.

Instead of being some poor schlub on a hit Canadian television show, the doctor of thuganomics was an uncredited extra in Ready to Rumble. It doesn’t get any lower than a David Arquette movie.

Now that Cena has overcome bad WCW movies, losing to the Miz at Wrestlemania and divorce — which probably happened because of losing to the Miz at Wrestlemania — it’s time he earns championships 15, 16 and 17. I’m happy for Daniel Bryan. We all chanted YES for a while. We bought the shirts. Now can Cena be champion again? We’re all tired of the same old Yes Movement crap.

Cena’s title reigns are important to history whereas Bryan is a feelgood story for now. Thinking of “now” is what put WCW out of business. Now WWE should be looking into putting those titles on Cena again. Passing Flair means he is forever WWE’s top dog. Nobody would be able to touch his status — not even Hulk Hogan or Flair.

More importantly he did it on his own – the way Jeter should have done it if he wasn’t lazy and relied on Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte all those years. At least Flair had a reason for using the Four Horsemen. Sometimes Bruiser Brody hit a little too hard. Nobody wants to get beat up too bad, and Flair is no different.

Cena becoming a 17-time world champion is important because he did do it by himself. Bret Hart can’t even say that. Cena took all those beatings by Nexus, Umaga and ECW on the chin and never complained. Not once did he call in Bumpy Knuckles or find a tag-team partner. That’s an amazing thing to do in sports that no one else has done.

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