WWE Reportedly Signs Top Ranked Indie Superstar To Contract

By Shaun Lowe
Prince Devitt Twitter
Prince Devitt Twitter

It has been rumored for quite some time now, that Prince Devitt would sign with the WWE. Talks have been ongoing for months and there has been a standing offer for him to sign, but no one was sure whether or not it would actually happen.

Last week Devitt posted a tweet thanking New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) for his eight years with the company, solidifying that he was in fact a free agent.

Devitt has been WWE’s prized jewel in the indies for several years. WWE has been biding their time, scouting other diamonds in the rough and waiting for his contract with NJPW to wrap up, because NJPW is notoriously strict about letting wrestlers out of their contracts.

If you look into some of his Youtube matches and promos, you’ll find that he’s a calm, cool, calculating, demon of a man. He has the potential to come into WWE and wreak havoc as a top heel, especially if they allow him to retain his current persona/shtick. He’s known for doing near full body paint, usually of another famous character (Spiderman, Venom, Darth Maul, Punisher); his most famous is “The Prince Is Dead” paint scheme (a variant of what is pictured above). This was first used at a major NJPW event back in January 2014 called Wrestle Kingdom 8, at which he had an entrance eerily reminiscent of The Undertaker.

With the lights out in the arena, lightning striking and lights flickering, Devitt arrived in a coffin being carried by masked monks. Once they set the coffin down safely and huddled around it, staring at the opponent who’s been standing in the ring, Devitt kicked out the coffin door and hobbled like a zombie towards the ring in this now famous bruised and bloody body paint.

It was an incredible thing to watch and gives me hope for the future, knowing that another actual character is reportedly now a part of WWE. We’ve seen a slight resurgence of legitimate characters recently with the Wyatt Family making their way into the spotlight. Years ago, these wrestlers that we watch and talk about made up fictional characters to portray. It helped when they used real aspects of their personalities; that way it made the character feel more relatable, but they were still characters. Now it seems like everyone is just an exaggerated version of themselves, with John Cena being the best example of that.

Prince Devitt needs to be allowed the courtesy to continue his current character, evolving into something that they can rely on as a heel to be reckoned with. With Punk gone and no other top level heels available, considering that even Bray Wyatt isn’t full blown heel, they need someone to fall back on and believe in.

Like many others, I want to see Devitt show up in a blacked out arena, lights flickering and a coffin being carried by ushers bringing in the new age.

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