WWE Rumors: Triple H Frustrated With Vince McMahon?

By RantSports Staff
Vince McMahon
Getty Images

Many of us have wondered what the backstage dynamic is like between Triple H and Vince McMahon. The two not only run a billion dollar company together, but they’re also real-life in-laws. To say that it’s a unique situation, would be putting it lightly.

But the general consensus is that even though Vince has relinquished some of his creative power, that it’s still his show. He’s the boss, he’s the man and he’s the one with final say. McMahon has certainly earned that after taking WWE from a regional promotion to a global promotion over the past 30 years.

However, that doesn’t mean things aren’t difficult for HHH. According to a report on Wrestlezone via the Wrestling Observer, it appears that HHH is put in many hard spots with talents because of the old man (as Vince is often referred to). Why? Because McMahon is constantly changing his mind. HHH will tell a talent one thing, and then Vince comes along and completely changes direction.

This really isn’t a surprising report in the least. Anyone who’s followed wrestling online over the past few years has seen other reports stating that Vince changed this, and that he changed that at the last minute. It seems there are always last second decisions being made behind the scenes in WWE.

Will these changes ultimately lead to beef between HHH and Vince? It’s unlikely, because HHH has to know that it’s just part of the deal. One day he and Stephanie will have total control, but for now, it’s still Vince’s ship. He’s going to run it how it wants, whether people like it or not.

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