America Goes To War With Russia Tonight On WWE RAW

By Shaun Lowe
Big E Langston Facebook
Big E Langston Facebook

Last week on RAW, we saw the return of an old fan favorite: Hacksaw Jim Duggan. When Duggan made his way down to the ring, there was a standing ovation and deafening chants of, “U.S.A.“, as per usual with good ol’ Hacksaw. He came down to greet the crowd, talked about how much he loves being involved with the WWE again, and thanked everyone for being there.

He’s had the opportunity to make his WWE return with Legends House, the reality TV show, and has been grateful for the chance. His show of great thanks was interrupted by the Bulgarian Brute (Rusev) and the Ravishing Russian (Lana). The Eastern European duo made their way down to the ring, entered through the ropes, and stared down Hacksaw.

Lana pointed out that Russia, not America, was the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, due to the leadership of Vladimir Putin. Lana continued to berate Duggan, calling out Hacksaw to defend himself and America. In case you didn’t know, Duggan is a 60-year-old man and thus, there is no possible way for him to stand toe-to-toe with the mighty Rusev.

Rusev stepped towards Duggan, continuing to intimidate, finalizing the challenge by snapping Hacksaw’s signature two-by-four. Then the crowd shifted their eyes towards the stage, as Big E‘s “Three Ain’t Enough Man, I Need Five” theme hit. Big E rushed down to the ring to defend Duggan as the crowd once again began chanting, “U.S.A.!”

Big E fended off Rusev long enough for Hacksaw to get out of the ring, but ultimately the Bulgarian Brute was too much for him. Big E licked his wounds outside the ring with a supportive Duggan by his side and walked towards the back. Tonight, the pair of gargantuan warriors will undoubtedly face off again, deciding which country can defend itself better.

The combatants Rusev and Big E both made their way to TV through dominating the competition down in NXT. The difference now is that Big E has seen the tear he was on after being brought up come to an abrupt halt, while Rusev has only just started on his. The question going into tonight is, who do you stand with? An unstoppable brute who has run through all of his competition so far? Or the once-promising freak of an athlete who has been in a severe tailspin?

Though tonight may be the first battle of many, I personally feel that when the count begins to declare the victor of this war .. .three ain’t enough, I need five.

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