Increasing WWE Network Price Too Early Could Be Bad News

By Damian Seeto
WWE Network Logo
Image from WWE Network – Facebook Page

The WWE is thinking of increasing the price of WWE Network already, and I think it’s a bit ludicrous that Vince McMahon and co. are considering it so soon. The WWE Network only launched in February 2014, and it’s only been three months. Not to mention, the network has yet to get to its goal of one million subscribers by the end of the year. The company would be stupid to increase the price so early after advertising so much that it would only cost $9.99 per month.

The WWE is only thinking of raising the price by $1 or $2, but I think it should wait before considering a price increase. Many people signed up for WWE Network in the first place because the $9.99 per month deal sounded good. If the price was increased, how many more people will be willing to subscribe? As for those who already subscribed, will they be willing to renew their subscriptions?

If the WWE wants to increase the price of the WWE Network, it should wait until next year before WrestleMania 31. WrestleMania 31 will be the next boom period where more people would be willing to sign up or renew their subscriptions.

I understand that the WWE’s stock price is down and McMahon wants more money. However, putting that burden on the customer can backfire. I think the WWE should wait at least a year or more to see how things turn out. Increasing the price of the WWE Network so soon makes it seem like the WWE is desperate to earn money quickly.

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