Is WWE Bringing Back an Attitude Era Stable?

By Shaun Lowe
Big E Langston WWE
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Wrestler Rusev has been on a tear lately, targeting the likes of Xavier Woods, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston and now, Big E Langston. There are rumblings beginning to stir that WWE is thinking about bringing back an old Attitude Era stable: The Nation of Domination (NOD).

With members like The Rock, Farooq, Savio Vega and Mark Henry, the NOD was an incredibly powerful group, during arguably the greatest era of wrestling. Their feud with Degeneration X (DX) is the stuff of legend, which solidified the legitimacy of up and coming mega-stars, The Rock and Triple H.

This is a new age, one deemed the “Reality Era” by Triple H. Even with one of the main characters of the Attitude Era at the helm of WWE, we haven’t seen anything like those two groups since. The Shield and Wyatt Family could honestly be the closest we ever come to seeing such powerful and influential factions, as NOD and DX.

The idea of having another NOD type stable, is incredibly exciting and one I welcome with open arms. I’m all for giving a purpose to under utilized talent, especially for those capable of making the overall product better.

Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and R-Truth joining forces with a united purpose, would spell trouble for anyone in their way. Add to that someone like Titus O’Neil (whom I covered needs a new direction here) to act as a mouth-piece and possibly Mark Henry (to show the youngsters how it’s done), and you would have a stable that could rival any that came before or after it.

Xavier Woods is a brilliant and talented guy and if paired with R-Truth or Kofi Kingston, they could be a dangerous tag-team when they’re written to be serious contenders.

Big E has had the overwhelming possibility of being a next-level superstar since he entered WWE. After winning the Intercontinental Championship, he had a short run of glory before seeing his star begin to rapidly fall. Rumors circulated that a big reason for not using Big E more often and elevating him further was that he became reckless toward others and himself in the ring. There were numerous occasions where he and/or his opponent were cut open duing a match, due to his recklessness. This made the officials understandably nervous and as such, they removed him from major story lines. Since all of this happened, he’s lost the IC belt and made it look like he’s corrected past mistakes. If handled right, he could be the undisputed leader of a new NOD type group; he’s a physical freak, smart and funny, which covers all the bases necessary in doing segments as a leader.

If you were to tell me that these men were to join forces on Raw tonight, I would tell you that there’s nothing stopping them from accomplishing anything they want. Sooner rather than later, a stable will be formed capable of overthrowing all of the competition, including the likes of Shield and the Wyatt’s. The question is, who will it be?

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