For WWE Superstar Cesaro, Paul Heyman Is Kryptonite

By Shaun Lowe
Cesaro Facebook
Cesaro Facebook

WrestleMania XXX saw Cesaro win arguably the biggest match of his career, the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale. It was a spectacular moment for the up-and-comer, but that WrestleMania spotlight was soon outshone on RAW the following night. Cesaro came out with The Real Americans — Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger — as he had done for months, only to turn on them, showing where his allegiances were: Paul Heyman. Word has it that they were rumored to join forces nearly a year ago, only to see Curtis Axel be the one to become the latest “Paul Heyman Guy” instead, followed shortly by Ryback “joining” the stable as well.

Ryback has never officially been dubbed a “Heyman Guy,” and was tossed aside after a couple months. However, he dodged the role Axel took as one of the shortest-lived official members. Since being under Heyman’s tutelage, they joined forces as the tag team Rybaxel and have seen more success than when they were with the legendary manager.

I started out talking about Cesaro’s successes, ones that he should be abundantly proud of; the problem now really comes down to the knowing he was better off with Zeb. I don’t like the Zeb or Real Americans shtick most of the time, but when interacting with the crowd, having them all place their hands over their hearts and loudly say “We The People,” they’ve created a successful bridge between them and the crowd.

With Heyman, Cesaro has had several catchphrases in an attempt to give fans something to latch onto. The “King Of Swing“, relating to Cesaro’s Giant Swing move (which he’s done sparingly since joining Heyman), where he grabs their legs and swings them around like they’re on a merry-go-round. Then he was the “King Of Hardcore” after his match at Extreme Rules (a nickname that lasted all of a week). After attempts to find something new for  fans to chant, they reverted back to a nickname Cesaro had long before joining up with even Zeb: The Swiss Superman.

Ever since Cesaro became a “Heyman Guy,” WWE hasn’t known what to honestly do with him. They needed to continue the feud between Cesaro/Heyman and Swagger/Zeb, booking interesting matches and using stipulations wisely; doing so would have allowed for all involved to progress into top-tier talent. Instead of having the feud last, they played it out for a month, where it culminated in an Extreme Rules match including RVD. During that Triple-Threat Match, they failed to have Cesaro and Swagger be the final two in the ring, eliminating Swagger first. I understand that WWE is wanting RVD to be a short-term major character, because they want to capitalize on the money spent to have him around, but it took away what this match could have been.

Heyman has been making sure we do not forget that his client Brock Lesnar broke The Undertaker‘s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, and only mentions Cesaro winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on occasion, but not nearly as often as he should. With the huge draw that comes with having Lesnar around, it makes absolute sense to be sure he’s not in an “out of sight out of mind” type situation. I just feel Cesaro is suffocating under the weight of the streak ending in joining Heyman. Cesaro is being overshadowed by the Beast Incarnate, without Lesnar even around. Heyman and Lesnar will be fine no matter what. They’re set for life after that shocking finish at WMXXX. Cesaro on the other hand, still has a long way to go before reaching that level of security. Cesaro still needs to establish himself further and cement a legacy for fans to attach themselves to. That is not going to happen while under the guidance of a Heyman hellbent on pushing Lesnar down our throats.

In order for Cesaro to be another “Heyman Guy” who wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he needs his future Hall of Fame manager to forgo his biggest client (Lesnar) for a few weeks. If this doesn’t happen, the Swiss Superman’s biggest opportunity at becoming a Mega-Star will continue to be his Kryptonite.

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