John Cena Reveals the Moment the "Cena Sucks" Chants Started

By josephrandazzo
Cena Sucks
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When you look back at wrestling history John Cena will stick out as the one guy who made more money from hate than any heel ever could. The fans who despise the chain gang leader inadvertently created his forever lasting legacy. These “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chants should be studied by science but sadly because this is wrestling, only the dregs of society really care.

What’s fascinating about the hateful chants is that the smarks think that by voicing their hatred they will push Cena out. This isn’t Democracy though. This is real life, and nothing is realer than professional wrestling. The noise someone gets is all that matters. Now, if anybody ever wondered where the legend of hating John Cena started, the answer is finally out.

Cena revealed the exact moment the chants started in the Mutton Town Chops Gazette.

“It was the summer of 2005. I was champion for a few months and recently got drafted to Raw. My first rivalry on the Monday night show was between Christian and Chris Jericho and the jeers started a little after. During Christian’s WWE sendoff match I still felt the love but the “Cena sucks” stuff started like right after at a promotional event.”

Cena was then asked to describe the event in an interview.

“At the time the old man was sending me out to clubs and different venues and the biggest mistake of my career was going to a Bryan Singer Smackdown viewing party. All the so-called Internet Wrestling Community heads were there and I had no idea what these parties were about. I won’t give away the details but sadly there were no bunnies and I was the lemon. Let’s just say I turned down a lot of “interviews” from these guys. When I got tired of being bothered I left and the sourpusses all ran to a laptop.”

Cena continued.

“They all bought tickets to Summerslam that year and when people chanted “Let’s go Cena,” they responded by saying “Cena sucks.” This turned a lot of necks in the WWE Universe and people jumped on the Cena hater bandwagon. It was cool to say I sucked. That wagon grew and grew the more these guys attacked me online. They utilized the power of the internet because I turned down their “interview” advances.”

In the interview Cena then went on to talk about the ECW One Night Stand Pay-Per-View. It was the second time Bryan Singer’s Merry Band of wrestling fans bought a bunch of tickets to an event. This time though Cena was worried.

“There were people punching me during my entrance. I even saw a “If Cena wins we riot” sign. I honestly thought they were going to tear the walls down and drag my carcass down to Christopher Street. For my safety RVD thankfully said he would take a shot to the leg for me and leave One Night Stand with the WWE Championship. That guy saved my life. Not many would take the title from me like that”

Cena also spoiled the finish to his Bray Wyatt feud. The two are slated for a Brooklyn thrift store match. Bray’s Hawaiin shirts were the inspiration for the match. The details of it have not yet been confirmed but it will be something along the lines of the boiler room brawl.

When this match does go down I am hoping for Mick Foley to take out the spray painted zebra stripe shirt and referee this match. Bray getting a passing of the torch from Cena and Foley would absolutely put him over the top.

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