Alicia Fox’s Loss On Monday Night Raw Makes No Sense

Alicia Fox and Emma

Courtesy of Alicia Fox – WWE Universe Facebook

A discouraging trend has emerged the last decade or so, particularly in WWE, where wins and losses are presented like they are meaningless. It goes against everything we’ve ever learned about the wrestling business and sports in general.

Why? Most people don’t dish out their hard-earned cash to see athletes or teams they perceive as losers. It’s that simple. Sports fans flock to believable, confident winners. Wrestling is no different, and if you don’t believe me, it’s time for a wake-up call.

Wrestling is a worked sport. Obviously, the promoters are in control of everything that happens. Other sports don’t have the same luxury. A baseball franchise, such as the New York Mets, would love to field a team that wins 95 games. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out. In wrestling, you never have to worry about that. If you want to give someone a 176-match winning streak, ala Bill Goldberg, you can.

So why did Alicia Fox lose her match on Monday Night Raw? Fox is challenging Paige for the WWE Divas Championship at Payback on June 1, yet she was booked to lose clean to Emma. The latter hasn’t been a regular on Raw, and when she has made appearances, she usually loses. There is no reason that Fox shouldn’t have easily defeated Emma. If Fox is in the title match, she needs to look strong. No future challenger should ever do clean jobs on television.

It gets worse. After the match, Fox completely destroyed Emma and then threw one of her trademark hissy fits. So Fox lost her match, then easily beat up Emma anyway. This makes Emma’s win look like a fluke, which hurts her credibility, and paints Alicia as undeserving of her title match.

The situation is doubly frustrating when you consider how great the meltdowns have been. When Alicia starts freaking out, there’s a sense of unpredictability and excitement that’s hard to find in today’s main-stream wrestling. The outbursts have helped Alicia get over, to the degree that she’s probably the most talked about Diva currently on the roster. Would it kill WWE to give her a few victories?

Maybe WWE feels it doesn’t make sense for Alicia to freak out after she wins, but the facts suggest something different. Alicia defeated Paige clean on last week’s edition of Raw, yet her post-match shenanigans occurred just the same.

I understand that Paige and Alicia aren’t going to sell any tickets. It’s a low match on the card, most likely bathroom-break filler. In a sense, they’re program “doesn’t matter.” Except it does matter to the performers and there’s no reason to hurt their credibility when you could easily go in the opposite direction. This wouldn’t only help the wrestlers – it would help the company as well.

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  • Matt

    Seems to me like they had Alicia lose, not only to let her have another meltdown, but to set her up for a win this Sunday.

    And I wouldn’t be that surprised if she did, unless they keep building Alicia up to win at MITB. They had Alicia give Paige her first loss in the WWE and have had her dominate Paige/her opponents in every match. They’re clearly trying to build Alicia into a star and I doubt they would be giving her all of this time and character progression if it was leading to nothing.

    It’s not like there’s really anywhere else for Paige’s title reign to go at this point and she would benefit more from chasing the title rather than holding the title right now.

    • Dan Marsiglia

      The fact that they’ve had her dominate her matches makes it even more confusing. Why not just let her win? If she won all her matches in dominating fashion she’d be a much stronger contender. You’re correct about WWE’s thought-process of having people lose to set up wins, and that could very well be the case on Sunday. Still doesn’t justify the booking, though.

      • Matt

        It’s just lazy booking on their part. Better booking would have been to have Paige distract Alicia. I guess they just assume if they have her beat down Emma after the match and meltdown, it’ll erase her loss.

        But I think they’re going to go for a shock victory by Alicia this Sunday, so they had her lose last night so some fans wouldn’t expect her to win this Sunday. Paige has only been champion for not even two months and most fans will probably be expecting Paige to retain this Sunday. And maybe they gave Emma the win to set up a small divas title feud between Alicia/Emma while Paige is rebuilt or maybe feuds with AJ in a non title program before going after Alicia again?

        If that’s not the case, then it was pointless.

        • Dan Marsiglia

          you’re not wrong, but I don’t think there’s any chance they even gave it that much thought

  • Choming Girl

    I can’t believe on it because of

    • kim099

      Are you like retarded or something?…

  • kim099

    Yet again Alicia steals the show she should be champion.

    • Dan Marsiglia

      I’m definitely not against it, but I’m also not sure you should beat Paige this early

      • kim099

        I think she should Lita held the belt for 18 days during one of her title reigns so Paige will be all right she has more reigns to come.