WWE: Is Dean Ambrose Leaving The Shield At Payback?

By Shaun Lowe
Dean Ambrose Facebook
Dean Ambrose Facebook

Rumor has it that in an upcoming WWE Magazine article, Dean Ambrose refers to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as his former partners. The rumored/leaked quote in debate is, “My former partners, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. I was probably the class clown of the group, so I’d usually start the joking and ribbing. But those two are hilarious. Daniel Bryan is funny too but more because he’s funny looking.”

For much of last year, everyone expected Ambrose to branch out of The Shield, becoming a top-level heel. As time went on, it became more and more apparent that keeping Shield together was vital to pivotal stories, but mainly for the continued maturation of Reigns.

A month or so prior to Wrestlemania, the Shield looked like it was on its last leg, with Reigns breaking off as a babyface and Rollins/Ambrose being paired together for a dominant heel tag team; obviously plans changed, resulting in Shield moving from a heel faction to pristine babyfaces. The move has proven to be a major benefit to everyone in WWE, causing one of the biggest feuds in years to be possible, the Shield vs. Evolution, and launching the members into-mega stardom.

With this earth-shaking quote leaking, many outcomes are being rumored. Personally, I think the original plan to have Ambrose break off on his own and become a leading heel is where they’re going. Similar to Brock Lesnar breaking The Undertaker‘s streak and earning a ton of heat, I feel that having Ambrose break off from the Shield when they’re unified and undisputed fan favorites is one of the smartest moves the WWE could make.

I hate the idea of the Shield breaking up, with my biggest fear being that there are not concrete enough plans for all three members in order to smoothly move forward. Reigns has proven to be a powerhouse and fans adore him, but he’s also provided more than enough evidence that he needs some fine-tuning, especially when it comes to work on the mic.

Rollins should be more than okay due to his solid work in every aspect of the business (it also doesn’t hurt that fans can’t get enough of him). If plans were to break off Ambrose, but keep Rollins and Reigns together for a while longer –possibly bumping up an NXT star to replace Ambrose as that third member — then I would be okay with that.

Making the break happen now would only make sense if they have Ambrose join up with Evolution, or at the very least with the Authority. If he simply breaks off just to do it, then it would be an absolute waste. Triple H is usually very smart with decisions like this, so I don’t see a choice being made hastily.

Ambrose leaving Shield would cause fan hysteria, but it would also set up a great storyline moving towards SummerSlam. Triple H has threatened that he’ll get his revenge on the the Shield for what they’ve done to him and Evolution. This Sunday at the PPV, him convincing Ambrose to turn on his brothers would be the ultimate proof that Payback is a … well, you know.

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