Zack Ryder Should Embrace Bunny Role On the Exotic Express

By josephrandazzo
Zack Ryder Bunny
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Wrestler Zack Ryder has taken to Twitter and continuously denied the fact that he is the bunny in Adam Rose’s Exotic Express. While he won’t own up to this right now, 32 percent of the WWE Universe believes Ryder is the man behind the furry white hood. It’s time he owns up to his new role because that whole professional wrestling gimmick he’s trying to pull off isn’t working out so great.

If you watched Raw this week, you’ll notice the bunny was not as energetic as he usually is. The hops weren’t as high and his Fandango finger fan dance looked like it strained him. This should come as no surprise, though, being a few segments before Ryder was pummeled by Putin’s homeboy, Alexander Rusev.

You really do have to give Ryder credit for coming out and partying with Rose after such a painful beat down by Rusev. Maybe if he had gotten up that quick against Kane, then John Cena wouldn’t have kissed his girlfriend and he may have had the sort of lengthy title reign as U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose had. Ryder really missed that you-don’t-have-to-defend-the-title-ever cut off by about a year.

Ryder may never win a match or be United States Champion again, but at least he has the bunny costume on deck. This new gimmick invigorates him. He’s putting in the type of energy we saw when he retired Tommy Dreamer from WWE TV.

Sadly, if you ask Ryder this, he just denies it. On May 26, a fan asked if he was the bunny and he simply said, “nah.” Two days before that, he posted in all caps: “I’M NOT THE BUNNY!!!” We all know wrestling. When you’re that adamant about something, then you are that thing.

It’s time Ryder fesses up. The bunny is the best thing to happen to him since he dressed up like Edge. When else will he get on TV for more than 10 minutes if it isn’t to face Dolph Ziggler on Main Event?

Now let’s say the conspiracy theories and Jesse Ventura are wrong and Ryder isn’t the bunny. It would do him well if he does. It’s the best way to sneak into pay-per-views like Chicago’s Wrestlemania, aka Payback. From there, he could launch himself into a new found fame and start a podcast. He can be the Joe Rogan of professional wrestling podcasts.

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