CM Punk Acknowledges Retirement

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk Retirement Talk
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

CM Punk has finally kind of spoken up and has acknowledged that he’s now retired.

Punk was interviewed by the Red Eye Chicago newspaper recently. One of the questions asked was how he felt about being retired at the age of 35. Punk responded by saying that he feels good. He didn’t elaborate or talk more about his situation.

Punk acknowledging his own retirement could be a sign he might not wrestle again. Many eager fans had hoped he’d come back to the WWE one day. First it was Raw in Chicago and then WrestleMania XXX. Now some fans are hoping he comes back at Payback, which is being held in Chicago. It’s highly unlikely he’ll appear on Sunday judging by his recent comments.

Punk is going to marry AJ Lee soon and they’ll go on a honeymoon like most newlyweds do. When Punk’s contract expires in July he’s more than likely to not re-sign with WWE. He’ll probably stay off the radar for many years before he steps inside a wrestling ring again.

Still, fans do not have all the answers surrounding his WWE departure. Aside from Punk, only Vince McMahon and Triple H know the real reasons he abruptly left the company earlier this year.

One has to wonder if WWE will give us a full answer when Punk’s contract expires. Not to mention if they will acknowledge him on TV again or continue to censor him. WWE left Punk’s Facebook page open so they haven’t truly forgotten about him. Perhaps the page’s millions of fans are reason enough to keep it active.

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